Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Healing & Choices

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After a few weeks of feeling very happy and energetic, the energy seems to have gone away...

When I was thinking about jobs and things the other day, it occurred to me that my job now is to stay alive. Which means to take care of myself, which I haven't been putting as much energy into lately.

Had two healing sessions today. One was some restorative yoga with Dayamudra. She sets you up lying on the floor with various body parts propped up here and there for about 15 minutes. And over the time you get a very tangible feeling of certain body parts releasing tension. It felt great. The other was a session with Alan which is kind of hard to summarize. I think I will write about that in a separate post.

A merciful soul painting over graffiti on our street
Folks in the chapter this morning suggested bringing a recorder to the meeting with Dr. Tavakoli on Wednesday which is a good idea. Padmatara and possibly Julie and/or Lisa Kee will come with. Also need to talk to Dr. T. about Disability, and the Second Opinion folks, who I got this note from today. I have to choose an option...
  • Our director has approved you to be seen in a tumor panel for a complete review, would likely be in July (7/20 or 7/27 depending on the schedule of the docs needed -we'd need specialist - gyn oncologist).
  • He has also approved you for a phone consult with himself after you see your Medical Oncologist on Wednesday and get your first opinion/treatment plan to discuss your chemo options.
What to do? I wrote back asking what the advantage of a panel might be after chemo has already started...

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  1. One or the other? Weird. I think if he is offering the phone consult, then perhaps he thinks sooner is better and you should do it.