Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Third Opinion & More For Kafka

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Various people have suggested I get a second opinion, again. Apparently the only organization in the U.S. that provides this service (a medical panel) for cancer patients for FREE is in San Francisco - So I faxed off some forms to them on Friday...

Social Security sent me a stack of stuff to fill out, work history for the last 10 jobs, which goes back a long time. Also the summary from my interview had a bunch of stuff that was wrong. Not sure what matters. Might be starting to reach the limits of my capacity for paperwork.  Next week I will see if Renee the social worker can help.

Got my blood test results back. Cholesterol is high*. I don't suppose that is the worst of my problems. Vitamin D and B12 are fine. Don't really understand most of the rest of it (alkaline phosphatase, ALT, AST, bilirubin, creatinine, RDW/RBC, hematocrit, neutrophils...), but will forward to Misha.

Bowl of cherries closeup
Seeing Tavakoli on Weds. Don't know if I will bring someone with me or go on my own. My questions:
  1. Chemo plan
  2. If cancer in bones is incurable, how come mine was cured? Is it a miracle...or just something that happens sometimes?
  3. What about this gravel-like thing on my cheek and on my left shin? Need a dermatologist but he will have an opinion.
In general I have been slack on the healthy food and taking all the teas and supplements, etc. It all feels like too much work. And I have massive sugar craving! Strangely though, knowing I'm going to feel like shit very soon, I've been feeling great lately on all levels...

                  Your result  Standard range
Cholesterol 273             < 239
Triglyceride 97             < 199
HDL             64              > 45
LDL calculated
                   190              < 129 -


  1. Are you secretly eating bacon? What the hell? As you said, not your biggest problem.

    What about doc from UCSF you saw last time?

  2. My cholesterol was a little bit high last time I checked it (246), so I wanted to check it again because my diet has been so much better...
    The two cool things about The Second Opinion is that is it a panel of doctors rather than one, and that it is free.

  3. And it went up! I blame the herbs.

  4. Yes, not taking the herbs is probably what caused it! xx

  5. ...actually probably hormones or lack thereof that caused the big change...