Help Needed

This page was updated May 23.
  • Note: I got the idea for the name of this blog from an email in which my sister Laura declared herself "Chair of Suva Foundation." Because of my dad, Laura, and others, I have had money to pay for acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and the organic food and supplements recommended by my acupuncturist. If you would like to give, an easy way would be to use my PayPal account  chanceofshowers [at] 
  • If you mail me something, please use the name Lisa Cullen or else I may have a very hard time getting it! My address is 39 Bartlett Street, San Francisco CA 94110.
  • If you would like more info about my condition you can write to Julie - her email is samsara24 [at] or myself at suvannacullen [at]
  • Pasadini is coordinating help for those who would like to. More about how to join the online community lotsahelpinghands here. If you would like to contact Pasadini about helping email is powergrrl [at]  
  • The emphatic recommendation to take 3 ten minute walks to per day is difficult for me to do. So take me for a walk! I'm sure being in nature will be appreciated whenever possible. (Though it's a balancing act because I am also getting carsick.) Or meditate with me!
  • Treatment starts January 18 and ends around Feb 22. When the side effects start kicking in, I'm going to need a ride to 9 appointments per week: 
    • S San Francisco (Oyster Point) - 5 days a week for radiation.
    • Geary and Divis - The lab in San Francisco twice a week (lab work and then chemo two days later.) 
    • Mission/5th - acupuncture twice a week
    • Santa Clara for another kind of radiation once a week for 3 weeks (Julie will take care of that as it's closer to where she lives.) 


  1. Hi Suvanna,

    Pease let me know anything I can do. I really need to help. Anything!! Including coming over and cooking or bringing food!

  2. I realize now that this sounds pushy. The only thing I "need" to do is anything you want me to do!

    Love and Power,


  3. Hey Brent, food will be an awesome contribution! don't need it yet though....x

  4. If you don't let me knit you a hat, I will hurt you.

  5. Replies
    1. I left one I already made with PT. It's kinda ugly. But I thought if you were up for it, we could pick out a style online and go to the yarn store (or just the first part).

      The hat you should already have is made out of a kind of yarn that is really really soft and I think recommended for sensitive scalps. It's microfiber (aka nylon). But we could do a soft cotton, also.

    2. hey dhi, it's all right, I'm wearing it right now!

  6. I can provide a fair degree of Transportation.

    Not good at all on the Food (my Berkeley Old Fart-Widower-Bachelor culinary repertoire does not extend beyond bacon & eggs, and pancakes – & store-bought tuna & egg salad); can perhaps bring you something special you fancy.

    Can also provide transportation for you and your friends, to Bay Area dramatic, open-space, fresh-air viewpoints and Nice Places (Marin Headlands, Tiburon, Mt. Tam (powerful Healing mountain), Inspiration Point, Lands End, Bolinas, Alice’s Restaurant, etc. etc.

  7. I can provide foot massages, organic fruit and all the lotion, creams and ukulele playing you can stand :)

  8. So into the foot massage idea. With music. I hope you have 4 arms. x

  9. i could come over and read poetry to you. hold your hand. clean your room. take you places. doctor type places. or places with lots of trees, and space, and color, and sunshine. whatever you wish... xo tania

  10. Wow, So much time has gone by since Jan 19th (last blog entry) and I do not even know how You are doing---I do know that You were surrounded by much Love this last Feb 11th weekend-----------
    Are You close at hand?
    Another week or 2 of chemo-therapy?
    Want a walk in the Mission?
    Need any supplements?
    Love, Ken Blue Sun